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LiftMaster Professional, we only fit the best

We fit garage door openers to your existing garage door

Press a button and you're home and dry! Open the garage door from the safety and comfort of your car and help protect your belongings against theft.

Recent changes make it against the law to install a power operated garage in the UK without complying with The Machinery Directive... Let us, the garage opener professionals offer a safe, cost-effective solution.

Professional Installation Included

2 years full warranty included

Locations map 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Nationwide network of factory trained installers

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Let's get started, what type of door do you have?

Canopy garage doors

Canopy garage door normally have rollers running vertically on the door posts and a large spring across the top of the door.

Retractable garage doors

Retractable doors usually have large springs can be seen on both sides of the door. When fully open the door retracts all the way inside the garage.

Roller garage doors

Roller garage doors are formed from a single sheet of profiled steel and roll up behind the lintel.

Sectional garage doors

Sectional or Panel garage doors are normally made up of a number of sections which slide up and over into the garage.

Easy ordering

A few easy questions

Free installation

By our professional installers

Best quality openers

LiftMaster Professional Range

Safety is our priority

Safety First!

A few easy questions

First, you will use our door selector to be sure that we understand which type of door you have. In particular, many up and over doors look alike from the outside, but it is crucial for us to show you the difference between a canopy and retractable door as the running gear dictates which opener setup will work best for you. Our clear graphics and video of your door type make this a breeze.

Next, we just run through the basics about your door, or doors. Please don't worry if you don't know a particular answer, you can just continue on.

We'll walk you through a few simple questions about your door to be certain we are only recomending LiftMaster Professional models that are suitable for your needs.

For Example:

  • Approximate door size?
  • Is there power to the garage and is there a 13 amp 3-pin socket?
  • Is there a seperate entry door into your garage?

You can simply scroll down now to get started!

By our professional installers

We know it's a blow for all you DIY enthusiasts, but we insist that our LiftMaster Professional openers are fitted by... well, professionals. Garage door openers are inherently safe to operate when properly installed. With training, openers are not complicated to install, but you are creating a machine under The UK Machinery Directive. Our installers will complete the job, provide the Declaration of Conformity and apply a CE mark to meet legal requirements. We will also show you how to operate all of the features of your new opener and remote controls. Most of us have been installing garage doors and openers for twenty years or more.... for peace of mind, leave it to us.

LiftMaster Professional Range

Value, the perfect balance of performance and price, is foremost in our selection of LiftMaster as our opener of choice. Over the years we have seen the good, the bad and frankly, the dangerous.

After trying virtually every opener on the market, we insist on installing the LiftMaster Professional range. While we'd love to hear from you again, it's very unlikely that it will be because of a problem with your opener. LiftMaster is the world’s largest manufacturer of garage door openers due to their reliability and value.

We stand behind our installations 100%, that's easy with LiftMaster, they're the best.

Just scroll down now to see the LiftMaster difference!

Liftmaste Professional

Safety First!

Under UK and EU law, when you install a garage door opener, you are creating a machine, a machine that must be wired safely and force-tested as it controls the largest moving object in your home.

We do the job completely, including demonstrating the safety and security features of your new opener. We will leave you with a Declaration of Conformity and CE mark your door/opener.

We also create a technical file for your installation which contains the Declaration of Incorporation as well as a copy of the Declaration of Conformity for inspection by the relevent authorities.

You do the easy part... just select which LiftMaster Proferssional opener you prefer by scrolling down to select your garage door type.